Friday, September 19, 2014

Official Report to the Intergalactic Council: Women in Corporate America

Landed. The crossing into the Earth's atmosphere wasn't nearly as bad as my fellow Ovas at Planet Sense explained. Of course, it helped that I calibrated my cognitive matter to process the 10-day journey and absorb the shock without severe consequences to my bodily mass. 

Planet Sense appointed me as Commander General of one of the most important missions of our generation: Bring Gender Sense to Corporate America

At first I was reluctant to take on the journey to Planet Earth, as it seems set on self-destruction, as evidenced by its unexplained violence among and discrimination of several of its inhabitants. But I was finally convinced by Brigadier Madame Fairness who explained to me the significance behind this mission, and I remain true to the mission.

The official report to the Intergalactic Council on missions of this importance requires me, Commander General, to report on two areas: to
 describe the astonishing facts that Don't Make Sense, and to provide evidence-based, viable and constructive solutions. The complete obliteration of Planet Earth isn't an option. Yet.

I hereby provide this report.

Astonishing Gender Facts in Corporate America That Don't Make Sense

1. Corporations Are Run Exclusively by Men, Despite The Availability of Qualified Women. Makes No Sense. 
Men hire men. Men train men. Men promote men. In all my missions throughout the universe, I have never come across a more discriminatory pattern of staffing or retention. Qualified women exist. Women perform better in the educational system and exit with higher graduation rates than men. But they aren't hired, or promoted or retained at the same rates as men. 

2. Corporations Pay Women Less Than Men for the Same Job. Makes No Sense.

The Intergalactic Treaty on Fairness is violated on a daily basis in Corporate America. Pay on this planet depends on gender. Women are penalized for being women, and for their ability to bring new life to this planet. While the rest of the Galaxy idolizes a woman able to bring new life while continuing to contribute to the universe, in this planet working mothers are not even supported.

3. Corporations Are Not Held Accountable for Fairness to Women. Makes No Sense.

Corporations aren't yet legally required to be fair. There are no consequences for paying women less or promoting them less often. Pay secrecy allows corporation to differentiate pay due to any factor. 

4. The Majority of Affected Women Stay Quiet for Fear of Losing Their Jobs. Makes No Sense.

Women stay silent. They feel they lack influence to ask for fairness. On the other extreme, a handful have used the country's convoluted legal system to sue against discrimination, yielding the plaintiff unsuitable for a future job in the system. 

Evidence-based, viable and constructive solutions to Bring Gender Sense to Corporate America

For Corporate America

1. Women make businesses better

Women bring skills, perspective and results that diversify and improve companies. Since this planet seems to run on money, here is some money to serve as evidence:
2. Beings are entitled to fairness in hiring, in pay, and in promotions
Even if the law isn't there yet, fair, good companies should annually review pay by grade by gender and correct historical and current discrepancies immediately. The legal system should be updated to include discrimination in hiring, pay or promotions as outright illegal. 

3. Executive leadership skills do not depend on gender

Planet Earth wears thick blinders compared to the rest of the Galaxy, where it is absolutely clear being a woman does not instantly remove the being's ability to work and lead. Evidence within Earth exists as well, in these examples of women leaders. Pretty good proof that having ovaries does not preclude leadership and impact. 

For Women

1. Ask Corporate America for Fairness

Ask for equal pay and career development. Ask. Don't sit in the back. Don't be quiet. Be a leader, and ask. 

2. Don't reward discriminatory companies with your presence, your career or your life

As there is variability in the practices in Corporate America, if a company isn't paying or promoting you fairly, or appreciating your skills, leave. Find another one that values you fairly or comes closer to it. 

3. Prove to Corporate America that Women Can Be Trusted As Executives

Yes, lean in, and sit at the table, and do an outstanding job. Make yourself so valuable to your company that it would be considered an atrocity if you left or were treated unfairly. 

For Men

These Women Are Your Family.
It seems to go unnoticed in Corporate America that those that it discriminates against are actually the mother, sister, wife or daughter of the person enacting the discrimination. Don't do that. The path you provide for any woman opens the trail for your own of the female gender. 

Conclusion & Next Steps

I conclude my report by noting that throughout Mission: Bring Gender Sense to Corporate America, I had to overcome the continuous urge to abort it as it seemed too dire and unfair. It is exactly for this reason that I persevered to complete the report in the hopes that fairness is instituted in the immediate future. Fairness makes sense. 

To complete this mission,I will be returning to Planet Earth in a time frame equal to one year, at which time the Intergalactic Council expects real progress towards Fairness in the form of legal, corporate and cultural changes.

If progress toward Fairness isn't achieved, the Intergalactic Council, under The Universal Code of Rights, would begin the complete and irreversible recycling of all of Planet Earth's energetic matter, for violation of Code 001.1: Fairness to All