A woman walks up to the stage of our retreat’s talent show. She looks like a younger and more petite version of Gal Gaddot, aka: the look of the moment. She sits on a chair on stage and introduces her ukulele. The singer tells us she’s a novice at playing the ukelele and she’s going to keep her sheet handy. We're a great audience and we couldn't care less is she keeps her sheet handy or not.

I remember my daughter asked for one a few weeks ago and I said I would buy one. And I didn't.

The woman starts singing and she makes my behind move closer to the edge of the bench and my hips are swaying while sitting (switting?). I’m freaking captivated. Moved. The audience responds to her first and second verses. And when she gets to the chorus, we are on fire, by the fire, all itching to jump up and dance and let the music permeate every pore of our bodies.

She sings:

Oh, I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me…

(Ok, that song will now be stuck in your head for 3.5 days. I promise you, and I'm sorry. But let’s keep going).

I’m watching her play the tiny guitar and sing this catchy song and I just want to BE her (and not at all because of my large girl-crush on Gal Gaddot). I have been wanting to be her all my life. But, I have been failing at being musical... there was the violin incident, and then the piano incident, and then the giving-up-completely incident. But music still joyfully stirs my soul. And I see what it does to others, too. 

So, when I get home the next day, I tell my daughter the story of the woman with the ukelele and I download the Whitney Houston song to play it for her. My daughter's a fan of the original Full House TV show and recognizes the song quicker than I had. (And now the song is stuck in her head, too... Oh, I wanna dance with somebody).

And then I finally see the neon sign, "JUST FREAKING BUY A UKELELE ALREADY." And so I do (and it will be delivered Amazon Prime sometime on Tuesday).

So, Ukelele, as my family and I welcome you into our lives:

  • Serve as proof of my human desire to continue to expand, grow and learn
  • Allow me to help a young person learn something new
  • Bring music, joy and connection into my home


What is the PERSON, PLACE OR THING that’s been whispering to you? That wants to be hugged, held, experienced and learned by you? That is going to remind you that you are still so very much alive and so not done at all? 

What, who or where is it?


Now, go seek it, and I'm going to go Google "how to play the ukelele."